Traveling Carriages

Dispensing Valve Traveling Carriage interfaces a Piston Filling System to a conveyor.
Raque Food Systems has been providing filling systems to companies for 40 years. We offer in-line motion customized carriages designed to move with containers for depositing or working on a product. There are many benefits to our traveling carriages, including:
  • Maximum Fill Time.
  • Can Deposit in a Specific Area of the Container.
  • In-time and Sweeping Motion.
  • Timing Adjustable in Motion.
  • Tool-less Change-over.
  • Sanitary Construction.

When used with filling equipment these systems provide an extended fill time. Synchronous motion with a Filling Conveyor can be independently driven via a servo-motor or powered directly from the conveyor. The systems are available in the variations of linear motion with vertical motion, linear motion, or oscillating motion.

Scale Interface System for a Selective Combination Weighing Machine Filler.
Vertical motion allows the carriage’s mounts to come as close as possible with the moving containers during each cycle. Piston Filling Systems can have the dispensing valves enter the container and thereby assure clean deposits. Selective Combination Weighing Machines can have their product deposited gently while the container continues its travel.

Peas being dispensed from a Selective Combination Weighing Machine.
All Stainless Steel construction of Dispensing Valves, Traveling Carriage, and Filling Conveyor System.


Options available on the traveling carriages simplify customization to meet your specific needs. Nozzle mounts are designed to match the conveyor’s configuration. Variations of the design allow deposit chutes to place product in specific locations or to “sweep” the container to optimize product spread.

Easy Timing Adjustment

Timing the system to match container travel is as easy as turning a knob or pressing a button.

Sanitary Construction

Raque Food Systems’ machinery has a worldwide reputation for reliability, construction, and speed. We have designed food packing systems for countless customers around the globe and have the necessary experience to design any system for any application. Manufactured completely from high-quality, food-grade materials, all Raque machines are built to USDA standards and can be CE marked for conformance to relevant E.U. Directives.

Custom Made Options

A full range of accessory equipment and options are available including:
  • Independent Drive
  • Multiple Vertical Motions
  • Tool-less Depositor Interface Mount
  • Product Dockers
  • No Container / No Action

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