Provide PMMI Certification For Your Employees

When it comes to operating our ready meal and tray sealing systems, proper training is the key to both the safety and efficiency of your production line. That’s why Raque Food Systems is a certified PMMI (Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute) trainer. We understand the importance of proper training as we’ve grown to be a global leader in the engineering and manufacturing of food packaging machinery and baking packaging machinery. Whether you need PMMI Certification training or continuing education training for your entire staff or just a few new hires, Raque Food Systems will develop an individualized training plan for you.

Our Food Packaging Machinery Training Services

We’re committed to creating the safest working environment possible for you. To get started with our food packaging machinery and baking packaging machinery training, please fill out our Training Needs Assessment form. Our team will then use this form to determine what your training needs are and create an outline of how you’ll be able to best benefit from our services. Our Raque team will tailor onsite training to meet your company’s distinct internal and regulatory criteria for employee safety. Our in-plant workshops focus on your company’s specific training needs and goals. It’s a cost-effective way to train larger groups of employees and ensure that they are all taught the same techniques at the same time. We can also assist you in maintaining your certification by offering continuing education training that is required every two years. This training reinforces and increases your skill set. This is just another way that we maintain strong customer relationships that continue even after we’ve integrated our food packaging machinery systems into your own operation.

Schedule Your PMMI Training Today!

Don’t wait to get your food packaging operation running smoothly and safely. Our experts will develop the best training plan for your employees and offer hands-on operational training for our tray sealing and ready meal systems. If you have any questions about our PMMI training process, please give us a call at 502.267.9641. If you’re ready to increase your production with PMMI training, contact us or complete the form. We look forward to providing training services to you soon!

PMMIU Certified

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