Tray Sealing Systems

Raque Food Systems is proud to be your trusted American manufacturer of food packaging machinery. From pie production to pizza production, we custom make fully integrated systems, such as tray sealing systems and piston filling systems, that help your business run more efficiently.

Tray Sealing Systems

One popular type of food packaging machinery we specialize in is tray sealing systems. Our skilled engineers create tray sealing systems that can close any type of rigid food container. We have designed and built a wide variety of machines for sealing plastic, paperboard, and even aluminum packages. We make your product the best that it can be. From low production volume intermittent motion machines to extremely high-speed continuous motion machines, Raque Food Systems produces a wide variety of container closure and tray sealing systems to meet your needs.

Film Heat Seal

A typical film heat tray sealing system unrolls a sheet of film over the top of a container, presses a heated surface against the film and onto the tray to seal it, then cuts the sealed package free of the film sheet. The system can be tuned so that the seal can be easy to peel, or the seal can be made to withstand high temperatures and pressures. The film can be die-cut to match the tray, or a printed film can be automatically aligned to match the container. Click here to learn more.

Drum Heat Seal

Picture of a high speed tray sealer for small scale production.

As the name implies, this tray sealing system uses an electrically heated cylinder to roll over the sealing film and weld the film to a plastic tray. Because the cylinder never needs to stop rotating, this system is ideal for continuously running production lines (pie production, pizza production, etc.).

Learn more about Raque Food Systems’ drum heat tray sealing systems here.

Platen Sealing

Perhaps the most versatile method to seal plastic and paperboard food trays, platen tray sealing systems use electrically heated plates to weld the packaging materials together. These machines can be designed to work in stationary, intermittent, and continuous motion applications and can even be configured as small tabletop or laboratory systems.

Learn more about platen tray sealing systems here.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Shelf stable food packaging can be accomplished by altering the air that is captured during the sealing process. Inert gas can be injected to displace the container's air and a vacuum can be applied to remove air. Because the product is sealed with less air, this technique can preserve food color and enhance product storage.

Learn more about modified atmosphere packaging as a possible tray sealing system for your business.

Raque's Closure Systems

Our closure systems may include:

  • Automated Tray Loading/De-Nesting
  • Random In-feed Indexing
  • Quick Release Tray Carriers
  • Film Registration
  • Quick Release Sealing Platens
  • Die-Cut Film Separation and Rewind
  • Line Integration

Seal the Deal with Raque Food Systems’ Tray Sealing & Piston Filling System

If you are looking for high-quality, custom-made food packaging machinery or baked goods packaging machinery to streamline your production and success, look no further than Raque Food Systems. Our tray sealing systems and products are designed specifically to meet the unique needs of your business. Contact us today to learn more about our tray sealing systems, or other products like piston filling systems or ready meal systems, or to begin your order with a Raque representative. We look forward to hearing from you and helping your business achieve success!