Traveling Carriage acting as an interface between a Filling Conveyor System and a Selective Combination Weighing Machine.

Ready Meal Systems

At Raque Food Systems, we provide custom-built ready meal system machinery for packaging frozen and shelf stable prepared meals. From providing every piece of machinery to construct a complete ready meal system production line, or just improve the efficiency of your packaging line with one, well-built machine to replace an outdated or inefficient unit, we have exactly what you need. From tray sealing systems to piston filling systems, our food packaging machinery products are always custom-made in the United States the moment you place your order, and are specially designed to meet your needs. Please continue reading below for a more detailed overview of some of our products.

Ready Meal containers filled with food product and ready to be sealed.
High speed container dispensing system feeding rigid containers onto a ready meal filling conveyor.
Intermittent motion container closing system utilizing flat heating element.

Piston Filling Systems

Our piston filling systems are the most accurate and reliable methods for dispensing almost any liquid or semi-liquid product in the food packaging industry. Our rotary plate filler can deposit IQF vegetables, fruit, dry cereals, etc. Meanwhile, our topping units can distribute layers of nuts, vegetables, shredded cheese, and so on. To learn more about our full line of piston filling systems, click here.

Systems Integration

As part of our commitment to building a better production line for your company, Raque Food Systems integrates third-party machinery into your production line to improve efficiency and ease of use for your staff. No matter what your specific needs, we can make your lines run as smoothly and efficiently as possible via flawless incorporation of additional food packaging machinery. For example, our Scale Interface System connects Selective Combination Weighing Machines to continuously running conveyors. We even offer integrations that can speed up the process of machine inspections or repairs, such as a digital user interface that will give your production line staff access to information or machinery controls all in one place.

Raque Food Systems can provide a turnkey production line that includes x-ray inspection, check-weighers, metal detectors, and ink and laser printers. We have successfully incorporated robots, cheese graters, multi-weigh fillers, and many other machines based on the needs of our customers. To learn more about our systems integration work and how they can improve your production line, click here.

Tray Sealing Systems

Raque’s tray sealing systems complete the food packaging process by sealing the deal, so to speak. We offer many types of sealing systems for a variety of ready meal production lines. For example, our drum heat sealing systems work at extremely high speeds and produce a reliable and continuous weld that is easy for the end customer to peel. Our platen sealing systems can seal a wide variety of materials with closures, including paper board. And our modified atmosphere system can apply a vacuum or gas to the package, which significantly extends the product’s shelf life. To learn more about Raque’s various tray sealing systems, click here.

Material Handling Systems

Throughout the entire production and packaging process, our conveyor systems can gently handle your food and containers. Because all our food packaging machinery products are made specifically for your facility, they can carefully take your goods through whatever form of travel your operation requires. Our machinery will work with upstream and downstream components to create the most efficient system for your facility. To learn more about Raque’s material handling systems, click here.

Raque’s Ready Meal Production Systems May Include:

  • Automated Tray Loading/De-nesting
  • Random In-feed Indexing
  • Quick Release Tray Carriers
  • Film Registration
  • Die-Cut Film Separation and Rewind
  • Freezer In-feeds
  • Third Party Equipment Integration

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If you’re looking to update your ready meal production line with the best in food packaging machinery, contact the team at Raque Food Systems. We specialize in developing customized forms of food packaging machinery that flawlessly match your goals and integrate into your business. To get started on the path to a better, more efficient production process, just reach out to us to connect with a member of our team. We’ll discuss the needs of your organization in detail so we can have a clear understanding of how we can best improve the efficiency and quality of your production line by matching you with one of our custom-built food packaging machines. If you’re ready to partner the Raque Food Systems’ team of food packaging industry experts to craft a better production line for your company, request a quote today!