Our Process

Raque Food Systems is a leading U.S. manufacturer of custom food packaging equipment and baked goods packaging machinery systems. We've helped countless customers around the world accomplish their goals by enhancing the efficiency and precision of their production lines with our piston filling systems, tray sealing systems, and more.

Aside from the expert design of our talented engineers who customize food packaging machinery and baked goods packaging machinery to meet your business requirements, what sets Raque apart in the industry is our customer service process. From the very start of our relationship, we focus on every aspect of our customers’ unique needs. This attention to customer service begins with the commencement of the project, continues throughout the design and production phase, and continues even after the sale has been made and your machinery is installed. Read below for a step-by-step breakdown of the process our team members go through to ensure all our customers’ needs are met at every turn.

Step 1: Research

Naturally, to complete a quote request, we want to know more about our customers’ business needs. Therefore, we ask our prospective clients to explain what they look for in their food packaging machinery or baked goods packaging machinery systems, and what their desires are for their businesses. This information allows us to formulate the best approach for how to proceed. In addition, our custom manufacturing capabilities allow us to make temporary systems. This allows us to physically demonstrate to our customers that our food packaging machinery and baked goods packaging machinery will perform as desired.

Step 2: Design

Once an order has been placed, our engineers and technicians start the procedures that ensure your machinery and systems’ parts are made to specification and that all components are received in time for assembly.

Our engineers customize all our customers’ designs to meet their unique food packaging machinery needs. We are constantly using our experience to improve existing technology. Our personnel stay current with industry and international standards.

Step 3: Customized Manufacturing

Because our facility is dedicated to making food packaging machinery and baked goods packaging machinery, we only stock food grade materials and our machining hardware only processes materials that would be allowed inside a food packaging facility. Some customers require testing in our plant before taking custody of a delivery. Lucky for them, testing before shipment is part of our process for all customers. In-house testing decreases the amount of time needed for final installation; it is also another opportunity for us to learn and improve our services.

Step 4: Installation

Although we have personnel specially dedicated to the installation of our machinery and systems, our controls engineers and assembly technicians are also available to apply their experience to the installation process should you so desire. Our technicians always remain onsite during the full installation process so they observe the equipment up and running and in full production before leaving your facility.

Step 5: Training & Education

At Raque Food Systems, we understand the importance of training. Our servicemen are always happy to take the time to train our customers and teach them how to safely operate and maintain their food packaging machinery and baked goods packaging machinery equipment.

All our machinery and systems come with manuals (complete with assembly and schematic drawings) that our customers can use as training materials for their personnel. Raque Food Systems has PMMI Certified Trainers available for custom training courses.

Step 6: Ongoing Support

Raque Food Systems is dedicated to serving our customers from the beginning of a project to the end and beyond. We prioritize customer service and are always here to supply parts, service, and training to customers whenever needed. We consider every support opportunity a chance to further enhance our customers’ business efficiency and add more experience to our own repertoire, which continuously improves our products.

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Our commitment to clients has resulted in many repeat customers and referrals across the world, which we are very grateful for. If you would like to experience the Raque Food Systems difference, please contact us today so that our team can get started on customizing your own food packaging machinery or baked goods packaging machinery and systems. We look forward to hearing from you!