Platen Sealing Systems

Raque Food Systems provides our customers with customized platen sealing systems that seal film or paperboard to any food tray or container. Some advantages of our variable speed, platen sealing systems are:
  • Heat seal machines are custom built to your specifications (size, shape, and material).
  • All food packaing machines are designed for use in USDA production facilities and conform to relevant European Community standards.
  • PLC-Based control system with line integration and line management features available.
  • Offers superior sealing at speeds between 20 containers per minute to 300 containers per minute.
  • Seal systems use a combination of heat, force, and time to provide optimum seals. As the title implies, platen sealers compress the film-tray mating surfaces between two (2) flat surfaces. The Platen Sealing Systems range in size from one (1) to eighteen (18) sealing platens and are available in a variety of styles. Continuous, intermittent motion, and stationary applications can be configured with quick change components for swift change-over and simple maintenance.
For on-demand production, this Intermittent Motion Heat Seal System is ideal for hand-packing operations.
High speed, large volume, continuous motion Platen Heat Seal System seals film to large entree containers.

Sanitary Construction

Raque Food Systems’ food packaging machinery has a worldwide reputation for reliability, construction, and speed. Manufactured completely from high-quality, food-grade materials, all Raque machines are built to USDA standards and can be CE marked for conformance to relevant E.U. Directives.

Systems Integration

Platen Sealing Systems can integrate into an existing line or serve as the integral controls component to a new production line. Features can be added to the machine that extends mechanical power and communication signals to remote areas. By extending mechanical power and by sharing line information with other machinery, Raque Food Systems can effectively integrate line management to make your production runs a smooth and efficient process.

Heat seal systems can incorporate an Operator Interface Terminal (or touchscreen) into the control system. Touchscreens provide increased machinery security, setup options, and replace many of the traditionally hardwired controls.
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Custom Made Options

A full range of accessory equipment and options are available including:
  • Quick Change Carriers and Sealing Platens
  • Film Registration
  • Gas Flushing
  • Die-Cut Knife with Film Rewind
  • Random Indexing
  • Intermittent Motion
  • Lab Model and Small Table-Top Heat Seal Units
  • Line Integration