Pizza Productions Systems

For over four decades, Raque Food Systems has been proudly serving the frozen pizza industry with our line of high-quality machinery suited for handling every aspect of the pizza production process. Our customers benefit from our approach to customer service, which starts with us engineering a custom-made system that meets your specific needs to servicing your equipment once it has been installed. Our experienced team is as fine-tuned as the state-of-the-art machinery we offer. With Raque Food Systems' ability to reduce your costs and production time, in enlisting our services you'll not only be investing in a more successful, profitable future for your business, but a smoother running one as well.

Serving Up The Very Best

Our systems are designed to work with a wide array of pizza products including those that are fresh, frozen, individual, French bread-based, and bagel-based. We also have equipment for complete turn-key lines. No matter what your specific pizza needs are, our systems can handle every stage of production, for example:
  • Receiving random shells and orienting them.
  • Collating and positioning shells for delivery to third party machinery.
  • Depositing sauces onto the conveyed shells in either a border-free or waterfall application.
  • Depositing cheeses, meats, green peppers, mushrooms, onions, and any other chopped or shredded product in border-free or waterfall applications.
High speed production of pizzas with "finger friendly" product-free shell edges.
A Pizza Production System using waterfall coverage being tested by a customer in Raque Food System's plant.

Close up view of a Waterfall Sauce Depositor.

WaterFall Application Units

Systems with Waterfall application units are just one of the many pizza product innovations our equipment offers. As the name implies, in this application process a consistently even layer of sauce or topping cascades over the entire width of the pizza product. Note – multiple topping units can be used in a series to distribute each of the different ingredients onto the pizza.

An elevated view of a Waterfall Sauce Depositor awaiting production materials.
Waterfall Topping Unit with a Three Belt Return System.

A view of a Border-Free Topping Unit's targeting chutes.

Border Free Application Units

The units utilized by Raque Food Systems prevent sauce or toppings from reaching the edge of any pizza shell while maintaining an even distribution of both, creating "finger friendly" pizza products.

Piston Fillers & More

Our piston fillers equipped with specialized dispensing valves are what allow our machines to apply sauces and toppings evenly while leaving the shell's edging clean. Note – our topping units can incorporate targeting funnels that place the toppings onto specific areas of the pizza, if desired.

Additionally, our pizza systems can also be outfitted with:
  • Shell Dispensers
  • In-feed Indexers
  • Handwork Conveyors
  • Cheese Shredders or Meat Slicers
  • Dry Spice Applicators
  • Water Spray Conveyors
  • Converging or Diverging Conveyors
  • Checkweighers or Metal Detectors
  • Freezer / Oven Feeders and Discharge Systems

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If you're interested in having smoother running operations, fewer production expenditures, and reduced production time on your pizza product lines, contact Raque Food Systems today. Our experienced, state-of-the-art equipment is just what you need to take your business to the next level.

For a slice of our expertise, or to inquire about our different system options, call us now at (502) 267-9641. We look forward to hearing from you!