A Piston Filler with an Auger Hopper displaying its wash-down ready, stainless steel construction.

Piston Filling Systems

At Raque Food Systems, we specialize in food packaging machinery because we want to be able to fulfill each of our clients’ unique needs. We offer a variety of types of food packaging machinery – from tray sealing systems to topping systems to piston filling systems. We’d like to take the time to tell you more about our efficient piston filling systems.

About Our Piston Filling Systems

Our piston filling systems have always been one of our strengths within the food packaging manufacturing world. Since most clients are looking for something very specific within their packaging process, our piston filling systems will be an optimal choice for highly accurate volumetric dispensing of viscous, suspended particulate and non-viscous products without causing any damage to the product’s contents. Our self-priming system will be able to gently handle the widest range of product specifications and weights of any piston filler that’s on the market. This design allows your piston filler to handle any delicate particulate mixtures without deformation or loss of piston filler speed.

Benefits of Our Piston Filling Systems

A Piston Filler with a Blender Hopper attached to aTraveling Carriage in a Filling Conveyor System.

When you’re looking for a piston filler, there are many reasons as to why you should consider coming to us at Raque Food Systems. Some of the benefits of our piston filling systems include:

  • Our piston filling systems have fully interchangeable product hoppers including auger for thick, viscous products, blender for particulate suspensions, and gravity for thin and uniform fluids.
  • There’s an unparalleled weight accuracy across both large and small volume ranges.
  • Our piston filling systems feature a wide range of custom dispensing valves.
  • There are quick-change product handling parts that make it easier and faster to sanitize or switch to different products.
  • You’ll have access to a PLC-based control system with line integration and management.
  • All of our machines are designed for use in USDA facilities and will conform to relevant European Community standards.

Auger Hopper System

Our auger hopper system is used on high viscosity products as the auger forces the products downward to ensure a consistent delivery. The auger hopper system can be configured in both single and dual auger arrangements. The drive speed can be adjusted via the OIT to match the product characteristics.

Blender Hopper System

For products that require particulate suspension, our blender hopper system ensures that there will be a uniform solid-to-fluid ratio. Just like our auger hopper system, the blender drive’s motor speed is capable of being varied to handle different product densities.

Gravity Hopper System

If products don’t require any special treatment, our gravity hopper system’s steep sides will promote an efficient flow of the product into the pump.

Dispensing Valves

The RFS piston filler can be fitted with any of a series of dispensing valves that will affect the product presentation. The standard valve is a piston style, positive cutoff, non-drip nozzle. Our specialty valves are interchangeable with the standard valves and they include rectangular valves, cone valves, spreader valves, and rosette-head valves.

Traveling Carriage

The piston filler is also able to be fitted with a traveling carriage. The traveling carriage is designed to move the dispensing valves in time with the containers and provide accurate, splash-free fills in several variations. This system is able to be configured to target a spot in the container, though it can also be designed to spread the deposit across the length of the container. The dispensing nozzle mount can either be driven from the conveying system’s line shaft or it can be configured with its own servo-motor drive.

Sanitary Construction

All of our Raque machines are manufactured completely from high-quality, food-grade materials and are built to USDA standards and can be CE marked. The piston fillers can be completely cleaned and then reassembled to the same volumetric setting without the need for further adjustment.

Systems Integration

The RFS volumetric piston fillers can easily adapt to any and all kinds of systems, including pouch filling, ready meal containers, pie production, pizza assembly, and can lines. The piston filling system can be configured to control third-party machinery or provide custom protocols that include Statistical Process Control.
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Custom Made Options

Some of the accessory equipment and options that we have available include:

  • Special Dispensing Valves
  • Multi-Motion Dispensing Valve Mounts
  • No Container / No Fill
  • Hot Product Fill
  • Hopper Level Controls with Integrated Transfer Pumps

Contact Your Piston Filler Providers Today!

If you’d like to know more about our piston filling systems, feel free to contact us. If you’re interested in our piston fillers, tray sealing, or topping systems, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (502) 267-9641. We can’t wait to hear from you!