Lab Model Heat Seal Systems replicate the production environment.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Raque Food Systems offers many options when it comes to effectively sealing trays. Modified Atmosphere Sealing makes certain that the sealed container delivers consistent results.
  • Retain flavor, color, and consistency.
  • Results in reducing the level of oxygen and residual air, yielding a longer shelf life.
  • Heat Sealing System that makes strong, secure, and peel-able seals, which can be heated through a final retorting process.
Raque Food Systems’ atmosphere modification can be applied as containers are closed and sealed. Inert gas can be injected to displace the container's air, while a vacuum can be applied to remove air. Thus, the system can preserve food color and enhance product storage due to sealing with less air in the container. The system incorporates our Platen Sealing technology, which can create seals that withstand the pressures and temperatures of retorting processes.

This system not only modifies the atmosphere of the packaged food product, but it also cuts the containers free of the sealing film in one step.
Various techniques are available to extend the shelf life of packaged food products.

Sanitary Construction

Raque Food Systems' machinery has a worldwide reputation for reliability, construction, and speed. Manufactured completely from high-quality, food-grade materials, all Raque machines are built to USDA standards and can be CE marked for conformance to relevant E.U. Directives.

Systems Integration

The Raque Food Systems’ machinery can integrate into an existing line or serve as the integral controls component to a new production line (including third-party equipment). The systems can be designed to work in intermittent or continuous motion applications, ranging in speed from 20 to 300 containers per minute. Features can be added to the machines that extend mechanical power and communication signals to remote areas. Thus, Raque Food Systems can effectively integrate line management to make your production runs a smooth and efficient process.
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Custom Made Options

Raque Food Systems, a company with more than three decades of serving the packaging, frozen, and convenience food industries, specializes in finding solutions to your production problems. Precision mechanical devices and computer-intensive electronic mechanisms provide a wide range of answers to any customers' production needs. With a full staff of qualified engineers, Raque Food Systems is at its core an engineering company. The custom design of your system is no exception. A full range of accessory equipment and options are available including:
  • Quick Change Carriers
  • Film Registration
  • Die-Cut Knife with Film Rewind
  • Random Indexing
  • Intermittent Motion
  • Lab Model Systems
  • Robotic Integration
  • MAP Systems