The Right Customized Material Handling Systems For You!

Entree containers being conveyed along a hand loading station of a filling conveyor.

Conveying Systems

At Raque, our conveyors are completely customized and designed to fit the type of food packaging application you need. One of our most common uses is as a filling conveyor, where the system carries trays, pies, pizzas, or other items under depositing machines. Unique to our equipment is the ability to distribute power or information to the various filling machines in the conveyor line. Here are some of the options you have to choose from with our conveying systems:
  • Automated Tray Loading/De-nesting
  • Continuous or Intermittent Motion
  • Variable Speed
  • Container Vibrators
  • In-Line Belt Washing Systems
  • Centralized Line Management
Containers are indexed into an ordered array to be fed into a freezer's conveyor system.

Lane Converging & Diverging

Just like our conveying equipment, our lane control systems are customizable and engineered to suit a wide variety of handling applications. Often, they're used to load or unload ovens and freezers or change production lines from a single lane to multiple ones. Containers can be indexed into an orderly manner and then moved to a larger conveyor system. This cuts down on time and energy spent trying to organize packaged materials after they're ready for shipment.

Irregularly spaced packages are indexed into an ordered array of containers.

Product Handling

Raque Food Systems has the means to provide product hoppers or prepare products for robotic manipulation. Our unparalleled experience with food and automated control systems means that each component of the feeding system has been meticulously thought about and selected for ease of use and efficiency. This ensures that the depositing equipment can continuously perform and achieve its function.

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