High-Quality Drum Heat Seal Systems

Elevated view of an off-line Drum Heat Seal System that has been optimized for short production runs.

For more than 40 years, Raque Food Systems has been the first choice of food-production facilities when they need high-quality, reliable food packaging machinery. Our variable speed, film sealing machines are capable of high-speed production and and can be custom-built to your specifications for tray sealing, baking packaging and more. PLC-Based control systems have line integration and management features that can perfectly match your container’s size, shape and material. Our food packaging machinery is made in the United States and approved for use in food-production facilities including conforming to relevant European Community standards.

Drum Heat Tray Sealing

Raque Food Systems' Drum Heat Tray Sealing system is ideal for a continuously running production line, as the variable speed sealing machine is capable of high speed production.

Some advantages of the system are:

  • Elevated view of an off-line Drum Heat Seal System that has been optimized for short production runs.
  • An economical and flexible alternative to other food container sealing systems.
  • All machines are designed for use in food production facilities and conform to appropriate standards and regulations.
  • Heated sealing components do not require change-over for different container designs.
  • Capable of sealing at speeds between 30 containers per minute to 300 containers per minute.
In-Feed view of an off-line Drum Heat Seal System that has been optimised for short production runs.
A High speed Drum Heat Seal System that produces Ready Meals.

 How Our Drum Heat Seal System Works

The Drum Heat Seal system has been optimized to serve the refrigerated and frozen food industry. Designed to be clean, rugged, and easy to maintain, the machine can seal plastic or paper board food containers at speeds of 150 containers per minute per lane. Suitable for most flexible lidding materials, the system is custom designed and manufactured to your requirements. The Drum Heat Seal Machine can be designed to work with an indexing production system or with continuously running systems.

Sanitary Construction

Raque Food Systems’ machinery has a worldwide reputation for reliability, quality of construction, and speed. Manufactured completely from high-quality, food-grade materials, all Raque machines are built to the highest of standards and can be CE marked for conformance to all E.U. Directives. Whether machines are sold to the European Union or elsewhere, all machines meet all of the applicable directives.

Operator Interface Terminal

Using the latest advances in technology, heat sealing systems incorporate an Operator Interface Terminal (OIT or touchscreen) into the control system.

Touchscreens provide:

  • Password-protected levels of security
  • Ability to adjust system features
  • Help information
  • Real-time troubleshooting data

System Integration

The Raque Drum Heat Seal can integrate into an existing line or serve as the integral control component to a new production line. Features can be added to the machine that extend mechanical power and communication signals to remote areas. By extending mechanical power and sharing line information with other machinery, Raque Food Systems can effectively integrate line management to make your production runs a smooth and efficient process.


With more than a quarter century of history serving the packaging, frozen, and convenience food industries, Raque Food Systems specializes in finding solutions to your production problems. Raque Food Systems is at its core an engineering company with a full staff of qualified engineers. The custom design of your new Drum Heat Seal is no exception.

Depending on your need, ask us about any of the following options:

  • Film registration
  • Quick release tray carriers
  • Automated tray loading/denesting
  • Integrated product filling systems
  • Die-cut film separation and rewind
  • Random infeed indexing
  • Line integration

Technical Data

  • Speed: 30 to 300 Containers per Minute
  • Width*: 5’ 0” (1524mm) across
  • Height*: 6’ 0” (1828.8mm) Top of Frame
  • Length*: 16’ 8” (6080mm)
  • Electrical Requirements*: 460 VAC // 3 Phase // 60 Hz // 35A (415 VAC // 3 Phase // 50 Hz)
  • Pneumatic Requirements*: 5 SCFM (2.4 l/sec) 80 PSI Air (5.5 bar) @ 300 Containers Per Minute

*NOTE: The data listed above is typical of a Two Lane Drum Heat Seal; however, because all machinery built by Raque Food Systems is custom-designed, equipment can be manufactured to fit your requirements.

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Whether you are looking for drum heat tray sealing or baking packaging machinery, Raque Food Systems can custom-build a drum heat seal system that’s right for you. With years of experience in the food industry, we are well-versed in making food packaging machinery that is reliable and customizable. Additionally, we can help maintain your systems, keeping up with changing technologies as well as parts, training and more. Give us a call or email today using the contact information best for your location. Or request a quote using our online form. We look forward to showing you our tradition of quality and excellence!

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