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Raque Food Systems is an internationally trusted developer and provides high-quality food packaging machinery and baked goods packing machinery worldwide. From Piston Filling Systems, to Ready Meal Systems, to Tray Sealing Systems, to Fully-Integrated Systems, our products help production lines run smoothly, thereby increasing your company’s productivity.

Food Packaging Machinery of the Highest Caliber

All our products are custom built in the U.S.A. and are specifically designed to meet each of our client’s unique needs. However, we are also an internationally trusted company. As a world-class manufacturer, we have no fewer than 30 industrial food-plant machinery patents in 6 nations. We also maintain several offices and have representatives in different parts of the world.

To contact the Raque Food Systems team, please reach out to our main production facility and corporate office, our South American representative, or our Swedish representative. You can also contact us by filling out our easy online form below. Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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We are committed to helping our clients by providing them with reliable food packaging systems and outstanding customer service. In fact, our products and services have resulted in many repeat customers and other referrals throughout the world. To get started on customizing your own food packaging machinery and other systems, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you get started on your next big project!

Main Production Facility and Corporate Office

Mailing Address

Raque Food Systems, LLC
P.O. Box 99594
Louisville, Kentucky 40269

Shipping Address

Raque Food Systems, LLC
11002 Decimal Drive
Louisville, Kentucky 40299

Phone: 502-267-9641
Fax: 502-267-2352
Email: sales@raque.com

South American Representative

S.A. Rep.
Marcos V X Silveira
Av. Gupê, 10767
Barueri - SP
Tel: 11 4789.9100
Fax: 11 4789.9040
Email: info@pavax.com.br
Website: www.pavax.com.br

Swedish Representative

Swedish Rep.
Peter Lundin
Fabriksgatan 9
602 23 Norrköping
Tel: 011 135262
Fax: 011 101271
Email: info@bl-products.se
Website: www.bl-products.se
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