Before being formed into pie shells, dough is stretched and laminated in two directions by a Cross-Grain Sheeter System.

Pie Productions Systems

Raque Food Systems has been your trusted leader in food packaging machinery and baked goods packaging machinery for 40 years. Amongst other innovations in pizza production, tray sealing, and piston filling systems, Raque’s quality, custom-built Pie Production Systems are the highest standard in the industry.

Our pie production systems create shells for meat and fruit pies, as well as cheesecake and crumb shell pies. In addition, we provide filling systems that fill pie shells. To discover the full extent of our extensive pie production system capabilities, continue reading below.

Pastry Pie Shell Systems

Pastry shells are very popular for meat and fruit pies in the frozen pie industry. And at Raque, our meat and fruit pastry pie shell systems produce high quality Double Crust Pies. These pies make both top and bottom crusts, as well as High Rim Pies that have a formed shell. Also, this kind of pie production system can produce pastry shells in large volumes, speeding up your process.

At right: A large volume High Rim Pie Production System discharges pie shells to await filling conveyors.

Crumb Pie Shell Systems

Another popular crust we deal with is the crumb pie shell crust, which is used to make delicious cheesecakes. Our cheesecake and crumb pie shell systems create pies with a bottom crust (or shell) made from crumbs, such as graham crackers. Our systems can be customized to produce crumb shells that allow the crust to rise on the sidewall or rest flat in the package, depending on what your organization prefers.

At right: An Intermittent Motion Crumb Shell System compresses graham gracker crumbs into shells for cheesecakes and cream pies.

Filling Systems

Here at Raque, not only do we build customized machinery that creates shells for pies, we manufacture systems that fill pie shells as well. Our piston filling systems have always been the most accurate and reliable method to dispense fluids and semi-liquid product. The rotary plate filler can deposit shell crumbs, fruit, etc. Meanwhile, topping units can distribute layers of nuts, shredded coconut, and so on.

At Right: Custom dispenser nozzles create pie toppings that look like they have been hand-piped by a master baker.

Systems Integration

Raque Food Systems prides itself on smoothly integrating our food packaging machinery and baked goods packaging machinery into our customers' operations. This allows your production line to run as efficiently as possible. For example, our Scale Interface System connects Selective Combination Weighing Machines to continuously running conveyors.

Our team of food packaging machinery and baked goods packaging machinery experts has successfully incorporated robots, cheese graters, multi-weigh fillers and many other machines to create complete production systems. So, if you are looking to fully integrate your production line with one of our specialized pie production systems, continue reading about our systems integration services today!

Material Handling Systems

Our systems gently handle your pies throughout the entire production process. Because each pie production system we manufacture is customized to suit your facility, your machinery will guide your pies through whatever unique process your operation requires. Our machinery will work with upstream and downstream components to create the most efficient system for your facility. Learn more about our material handling systems here.

All of Our Pie Production Systems Can Include:

  • Pie Pan Dispensers
  • Quick Change Pan Carriers and Shell Forming Heads
  • Cross Grain Dough Sheeters
  • Crumb Dispensers
  • Dockers
  • Topping Systems
  • Topping Applicators
  • Filling Systems
  • Egg / Milk Wash Sprayers
  • Crimpers
  • Checkweighers
  • Metal Detectors
  • Freezer / Oven Feed and Discharge Systems

Contact Us Today!

Whatever you specific pie production system needs, Raque Food Systems can help you increase your efficiency by integrating our customized packaging and filling machinery into your production lines.

If you have any questions about aspects of our pie production systems, for example pastry pie shell systems and crumb pie shell systems applications, feel free to call us directly at (502) 267-9641 or contact us online. If you are ready to start the process, request a quote from one of our team members and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you; we look forward to hearing from you!