Filling Systems

Raque Food Systems offers a wide range of filling systems for a variety of food industry applications. We specialize in food packaging machinery for a wide range of products, such as proteins, sauces, and vegetables. Whatever your specific filling system needs, Raque will build a custom filling system to flawlessly fit your manufacturing goals. Our easy-to-use controls and standard features allow these units to be easily integrated into your production line. In addition, our team of expert engineers can further tailor your filling systems for seamless integration. Read on to learn more about the different types of filling systems!

Traveling Carriages are made for tool-less configuration and easy sanitation.
Custom made dispensing valves cleanly deposit mashed potatoes into microwaveable containers.
Piston Filler attached to a Traveling Carriage System.

Piston Filling Systems

What makes a piston filling system unique is its ability to accommodate many types of filling densities and textures. Of all the piston fillers on the market, the self-priming system built into our piston filler can handle the widest range of product specifications and weights.

The flow path created by our piston filler can dispense viscous products, particulate sauces, and much more without causing damage to the machine. Whether it is as fluid as water or aerated like whipped cream, Raque Food Systems’ piston filler consistently dispenses clean and accurate results to enhance your product and improve your manufacturing line.

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A pair of Rotary Plate Fillers deposit crumbshell dough into pie pans.

Rotary Plate Fillers

The rotary plate filler is used to deposit small, free-flow particulates into containers on a continuous motion lugged conveyor. One of the benefits of a rotary plate filler is its ability to alter deposit weights without stopping the line. Because of its frequent use with Individually Quick Frozen Vegetables, this unit is sometimes referred to as a rotary vegetable filler.

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A Topping Unit affixed on top of a filling conveyor.

Topping Dispensers

The topping dispenser is designed to deposit products like shredded cheese, breadcrumbs, vegetables, etc. With this type of system, toppings can be spot deposited or evenly spread over a container, pie, or pizza. Our topping dispenser is available for any topping need and can be configured to deposit in a variety of ways.

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Systems Integration

Raque Food Systems produces many types of filling systems and food depositing equipment products. Our products utilize rotary pumps, vibratory feeders, and high tech robotics. As a result, our design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to customize equipment to meet your specific needs.

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Raque Food Systems proudly creates top-of-the-line food packaging machinery and filling systems that are customized to make your product lines run as efficiently as possible. To learn more about our filling systems and the many types of food packaging machinery we offer, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!